Jean Shinners
Divine One
Nina Patrick
Milagro World Center

Retired from Fortune 1000 Corporate America, Nina is in service to the awakening of humanities potential for the highest good of all life. Her focus is to honor and celebrate individuals and organizations around the world taking the lead. She feels it is time for each of us to participate in the vast movement for positive change arising everywhere.


Facilitator and Teacher, Conscious Evolution

Founder and President, Milagro World Center dba Wild Raspberry

Steward, Keepers of the Turn

Founder, Sacred Travel Initiative

Former Co-President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Founding Steward, Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland

and GOOD of the WHOLE

Interior Alignment Practitioner


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The joyful Irish gypsy of my heart loves wandering, dancing, creating, & exploring all the miraculous healing magic of this gorgeously wild and mystical earth. I am extremely blessed, eternally grateful, and continually inspired by the love and possibilities that my children, family, and friends reveal and hold me inside of.  My passion is envisioning a peaceful, loving, green, and compassionate world. Living from my highest self and guiding others to do the same by; trusting in source, increasing moments of acceptance and true happiness, sharing our stories, embracing freedom, and being fully self expressed.


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Guide for Barbara Marx Hubbard Foundation for Conscious Evolution ~ Founding Steward of Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland ~ Ego to Essence Facilitator ~ Artist ~ Creativity Coach ~ Energy Healing Practitioner ~ Eco-Event Coordinator ~ Pachamama Facilitator ~ Conscious Space Designer

Dr. Linda Rosenthal
Insight Out
Kathleen Brigidina
Sister Art

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Jean Shinners has been a Guide for Barbara Marx Hubbard's movement of Conscious Evolution since 2011 and is Co-Founder of Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland. Jean has studied metaphysics for over 40 years. She is a spiritual counselor, healer and teacher, who uses a variety of metaphysical tools in her work. She has facilitated a weekly Wellness Circle in Des Plaines, IL for over 8 years and is an evolutionary host to metaphysical healers, teachers and authors nationwide.


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Dr. Linda Rosenthal, a Joy Specialist, Imagineer, and Agent for Conscious Evolution, is the founder and creative director of Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts, established in 1995. Raising consciousness through love, Insight Out’s private Home Sanctuary Center in Schererville, Indiana offers various pathways of healing that are dedicated to Higher Self Awareness.


Linda has received the highest honors of initiation as a 33rd Degree Spiritual Adept from The Holy Order of the Dove – Delphi University, with doctorates in Transpersonal Psychology and Metaphysical Healing. Author, Sound Healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Linda also facilitates Women’s Wisdom Circles and Conscious Conversation Gatherings. She teaches intuitive journaling, meditation, transformational practices, and holds sacred ceremonies at co-creative retreats.


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A. Joseph Rosado
Milagro World Center






Speaker, Writer and Teacher 

Social and Culinary Entrepreneur

Founder and President, Milagro World Center dba Wild Raspberry

Former Resident Guardian, The Chalice Well and Peace Gardens


Joseph stepped on to his spiritual path in the early 1990's  with an intensive study of comparative mythology and the life, writings and teaching of Joseph Campbell. Thus began Joseph Rosado's passionate intellectual and spiritual journey.


In 1996, Joseph and his partner were selected from more than 250 applicants as the first and only U.S. guardians of Chalice Well and Peace Gardens in Glastonbury, Somerset, England.  The Chalice Well which is nestled between the Vale of Avalon, the famous Glastonbury Tor and Chalice Hill is truly one of Britain's most holy sites. More than 50,000 "pilgrims" visit the well and gardens each year.


As guardian of the well and gardens, Joseph greeted the many pilgrims who entered the gates as part of their personal spiritual journey. His role as guardian was much greater than just gatekeeper though. Joseph was historian and story teller of the enchantment of the well, the gardens and the retreat house. He also managed the operational and financial aspects of the entire site which offered accommodations for 15 as well as book and gift shop. During Joseph's three year tenure, many significant changes and additions were made. The financial gains realized from these changes and endowments allowed the Chalice Well Trust to become financially self-sustaining. When Joseph's work was complete at this holy site in 1999 it was clearly evident that his future path was to focus on sacred travel throughout the world and to be a guide for others on their spiritual path. 


After residing for eight years in the rain and cloud forests of Panama, Central America he has returned to the United States. He is also a social and culinary entrepreneur. He has owned and managed a variety of businesses including a retail music storefront in New York City, a holistic center in Florida, sustainably minded organic eateries in Florida and New Mexico, a sacred travel company and now Wild Raspberry, an upscale resale shop with music, books and jewelry.


Joseph is a Founder and President of the Milagro World Center. The Milagro (Miracle) World Center offers education, events and retreats - and brings conscious community together in highly interactive weekly teleconferences. This community of visionary leaders are seeding a new project, Keepers of the Turn, as a global conversation and shared cultural practice for all of humanity.


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